Three Cliffs Bay

Picturesque is an understatement when it comes to Three Cliffs Bay, which is the most photographed spot in Gowers. With its beautiful golden sand beach and sloping dunes, plus the three limestone cliffs that gave this place its name, it is not just one of Britain’s best beaches. It is also voted to give the best view.

Three Cliffs Bay is a bay found on Gower Peninsula’s south coast. A large stream called Pennard Pill flows into the sea. While it is, in reality, made up of a few smaller beaches and coves like Tor Bay on the west and Pobbles Bay on the east, the low tide connects them to each other. The Three Cliffs Bay also connect to a bigger bay, which includes Oxwich Bay, when the tide is low. When the conditions are right, you can see a huge expanse of sandy beach.


Despite its popularity, the Three Cliffs Bay is still quite wild and largely quiet. Out here it is untouched and nature is in charge. Visitors can enjoy the views of the sand dunes and salt marshes. This is a beautiful spot to enjoy a picnic, but swimmers should watch out.

During high tide, there are rip currents that make it very dangerous to go for a dip. However, there are some lifeguards posted here at busier times so you can try going into the water during this time. But despite this, it is not a family-friendly beach and the high tide can make it difficult to access.


Accessing the beach also includes going through some rough terrain. The easiest way is a flat route through a valley bottom from Parkmill, but this path disappears when the tide comes in. You will then have to go over the sand dunes, so visitors who have limited mobility should opt to enjoy the views from the cliffs instead.

Nearby Attractions

Close by is the Pennard Castle, built during the 12th century and site of many fairy legends. Beyond exploring its ruins, the golf course nearby offers activities for a nice day out. If you simply want to take in the beautiful landscape, then there are many trails to explore around the area.

Gower Peninsula is a good spot for camping, and there are many restaurants and pubs to drop by in for a meal or a cup of coffee.

Visitor Information

Three Cliffs Bay is accessible by both public transport and car, although vehicles are unable to get too close. There is still about half a kilometer of rough terrain to cross so it is not advisable for visitors with limited mobility. There is absolutely no wheelchair access available.

Dogs are allowed on the beach the whole year round.

Facilities include toilets in the nearby Holiday Park, while refreshments can be purchased from nearby Pennard or Parkmill. The beach itself has no cafes or stalls where food is for sale.

Gower Peninsula’s Three Cliffs Bay is a beautiful spot to enjoy the views, although it is not the best for families. Its raw beauty can be dangerous, so make sure you only approach when there is lifeguard service around.

Post Author: Constance Davidson