Barafundle Bay

One of the world’s best beaches is quietly tucked away in Pembrokeshire, Wales. If you truly want to see a place of beauty, then you should definitely plan your next trip here. Doing so will make you understand why this stretch of sandy beach has consistently been on the list of top beaches in the United Kingdom and even in the world.


Barafundle Bay is a remote beach facing the east in Pembrokeshire. It is close to Stackpole Quay and is managed by the National Trust as part of the Stackpole Estate. It used to be the private beach of the Cawdor family, and they have built a wall to control entry.

Stackpole is a small village, with a population of about 200, located south of Pembroke. Barafundle Bay itself, is, on the southwest, considered the end of the Carboniferous Limestone cliffs of the Castlemartin peninsula. On the northeast, it is the start of the Old Red Sandstone of Devonian age.


Being in this beach is more like being in the Caribbean than in the UK, with its golden sand and the crystal-clear waters. The bay itself is full of pine trees and dunes. Despite its popularity, it remains pristine and not touristy at all.

Stackpole itself has 8 miles of coastline, where coves, cliffs, and sand dunes alternate. Barafundle Bay, which is 300 yards wide, is an idyllic spot between dramatic limestone cliffs. Away from the coast, the woods are very inviting. The dunes are also a sight to see.

It is quite sheltered so it is ideal for swimming, exploring, and even just sunbathing. During low tide, you can take a trip to check out the arches and the caves on the northern side. One of the bigger ones is Lort’s cave, and another cave close by will lead you to a smaller secret beach.

Barafundle Bay is quite secluded and you would need to walk from the closest parking lot. However, its beauty will make it worth every step. Just make sure that you plan your visit well so that you have enough beach to enjoy before the tide comes in. During springtime, the low tide is at 2 to 3 pm.


To access Barafundle Bay, you can park at Stackpole Quay car park, which is half a mile walk away. Because of the number of steps going up and down from the top of the cliff, it is not suitable for wheelchairs. On the bay itself are no facilities, with the closest toilets at Stackpole Quay. A café is also nearby, and the village has pubs and accommodation offers.

Things To Do

Be prepared to walk during your trip to Stackpole, but this is truly the best way to capture all its beauty. You can then relax on the beach and do some swimming. However, some also opt to do some watersports like kayaking.

Other Tourist Spots Nearby

Nearby Broad Haven South is an equally picturesque beach being promoted as an alternative to Barafundle Bay. Beyond being less crowded, it also promises the same beautiful views.

Post Author: Constance Davidson