Ayr Beach

When I first visited Ayr Beach I thought it was just your normal beach – a lot of sand and a lot of people. Well, I was right about both but what amazed me was that it was more than those two. In fact, Ayr Beach is probably one of the busiest beaches I’ve ever been to.

You can find Ayr Beach near the western coastline of Ayrshire. If you’re coming from Edinburgh, you can simply take the train which is a 2-hour ride. This isn’t bad considering you’re going to the beach to have a vacation. I visited this place with my family and when we arrived, it felt like this place was meant to be a vacation spot. The feel and the surroundings scream “vacation” which is great for families especially if you plan on playing with your kids.

If the weather is good, you can see the Isle of Arran across the sea. When I visited, I was able to catch a glimpse of the snowy mountains that made me wonder how different the climate is across the sea.

I mentioned a while ago that Ayr Beach has a lot of things to see and to do. If you plan on staying at the beach, you’ll be happy to find a wide area for your kids to play. I recommend bringing sand toys like buckets and shovels so that your kids can make their own sandcastles. However, even if the beach itself was wide, there were so many people when we visited that you wouldn’t appreciate it if you dislike crowds. Nonetheless, you can divert to other activities in the area.

If your kids are done playing sandcastles, you can bring them to this huge playground just near the beach. There are relatively fewer people here which was also a good thing so it’s easier to find your kid. For snacks, you can visit their ice cream store that also offers fish and chips. If you want a more sophisticated snack, you can pass by the cafe.

To add to that, you will also find Pirate Pete’s Family Entertainment Centre just a few meters from the seafront. Your kids will surely love this place since they can do mini-golf and run around. They can even play laser tag and you can play with them. If you will notice, if you’re a parent like me, you will be playing a lot here at Ayr Beach.

Fortunately, we had a few adult relatives with us during the trip. They were able to watch over the kids while my spouse and I toured the spots near Ayr Beach. I was amazed to find the Culzean Castle near the area. We booked a small-group day tour for it and I was so amazed at how it looked inside. It has its own clock tower and a courtyard. Although there are horror stories revolving it, the castle seemed so serene and well-maintained.

Overall, I would say that the trip was tiring simply because Ayr Beach is really meant for kids who love to play and swim. However, it has a lot of tourist spots around. So if you plan on taking a family trip there, make sure to book your tour in advance so you can get to enjoy the place better.

Post Author: Constance Davidson