Cart Gap, Norfolk

When you talk about Happisburgh, most people will know Sea Palling but not Cart Gap beach. True enough, most of the visitors to Cart Gap are actually locals. However, this does not mean that you should not check it out. Location Cart Gap is one of the places along the Norfolk Coast Path. Visitors traveling […]

Silverdale Beach

Silverdale Beach is a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) because it is a place with such a rich diversity of wildlife and habitat. The woodlands, limestone grassland, and the salt marshes by the coast, with the low limestone hills enclosing them form together to become a sanctuary for marshland birds and rare butterflies. […]

Ayr Beach

When I first visited Ayr Beach I thought it was just your normal beach – a lot of sand and a lot of people. Well, I was right about both but what amazed me was that it was more than those two. In fact, Ayr Beach is probably one of the busiest beaches I’ve ever […]

Three Cliffs Bay

Picturesque is an understatement when it comes to Three Cliffs Bay, which is the most photographed spot in Gowers. With its beautiful golden sand beach and sloping dunes, plus the three limestone cliffs that gave this place its name, it is not just one of Britain’s best beaches. It is also voted to give the […]

Barafundle Bay

One of the world’s best beaches is quietly tucked away in Pembrokeshire, Wales. If you truly want to see a place of beauty, then you should definitely plan your next trip here. Doing so will make you understand why this stretch of sandy beach has consistently been on the list of top beaches in the […]


Porthcurno Beach

Dubbed as one of the best-hidden beaches in the UK, Porthcurno Beach is tucked away in a cove thanks to Logan Rock. Porthcurno, also known as “Port of Cornwall”, is a small valley that became famous for its involvement in early submarine communications. The place was used as an office for the Eastern Telegraph Company, […]

Chesil Beach from Portland

Chesil Beach

British beaches are often portrayed as long strips of white, sugary sand enclosed by frothy water on the one side and greenery on the other. Chesil beach is different. It has a rustic feel with its shingled surface and windy atmosphere. Nonetheless, tourists consistently rate Chesil as part of UK’s top 10 beaches. The award-winning […]


Pentle Bay

If you are looking for a quiet place to walk around and enjoy the sun, sea, and sky, then Pentle Bay is a great place for you. Located in Scilly Isles, Pentle Bay barely resembles anything in Britain. In fact, if you find yourself wandering here, you could forget that you’re in Britain save for […]

Beer Beach Devon

Beer Beach

Beer Beach is a shingle beach known for being surrounded by stunning limestone cliffs. It is a sheltered cove with waters ideal for swimming. Since the beach is protected from impacts of both strong winds and waves, having been situated in a cove, it is quite ideal for a family getaway. Aside from its natural […]


Fistral Beach

Fistral Beach: A Destination In Your To-Do List Surfing enthusiasts have certainly heard of Fistral Beach in Cornwall, thanks to the epic waves that are sure to give them the time of their lives. In fact, those living in the United Kingdom or within the area are lucky to have Cornwall’s popular “big wave” beach […]